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Imagine transforming your photos into an array of yearbook styles! Our AI Yearbook Image Generator offers endless possibilities, from classic eras to unique themes, complete with varied hairstyles, costumes, and expressions. Have fun creating your timeless portraits in ways you've never imagined!

a yearbook photo, female, 90s style
a yearbook photo, female, 90s style
a yearbook photo, female, student, 90s style
a yearbook photo, male, student, 90s style
a yearbook photo, female, athelete, 90s style

AI Yearbook Generator Overview

Explore the AI Yearbook Generator, a user-friendly tool at the heart of the recent AI yearbook trend on social media. Traditionally, a yearbook photo captures a student's look during a specific school year, often mirroring the fashion and cultural trends of the era. The AI Yearbook Generator modernizes this concept. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to turn your current photos into yearbook-style images from different times.

AI Yearbook Generator Features

With our tool, you can turn your photos into '90s style yearbooks pictures. No complicated steps – just upload and enjoy the magic.

AI-Powered Yearbook Photos
Just upload your photo and let our AI take you back in time, giving you a unique yearbook picture with a classic touch.
Generate Yearbook Photos for Free
Free credits are available for all users. You can also purchase credits to generate more photos.
Multiple Styles and Themes
Pick from different styles to match your taste. Our AI offers a range of looks, from classic to contemporary, from different countries.
Easy to Use
Our tool is user-friendly. No need to be tech-savvy – it’s as easy as uploading a photo, waiting for a few minutes and clicking the download button.

AI Yearbook Photo Examples

Explore our AI-generated yearbook photos examples. You can pick your favorite yearbook photo styles from our templates and generate your custom and unique yearbook photo.

yearbook photo example, female
yearbook photo example, female
yearbook photo example, female
yearbook photo example, male
yearbook photo example, male
yearbook photo example, male
yearbook photo example, female
yearbook photo example, female
yearbook photo example, male

Who Should Use the AI Yearbook Generator?

The tool is suitable to a wide range of users, including:

Social Media Users

Ideal for anyone wanting to stand out on Instagram or spice up your Facebook profile. This tool offers a novel way to create content.

Nostalgia Enthusiasts

If you're fascinated by retro styles, this tool is perfect for you.

Educators and Students

This tool can be integrated into history or art lessons to provide a fun, interactive learning experience.

Marketing Professionals

Marketers and advertisers can use these images to create unique, eye-catching visuals for campaigns, especially those with a nostalgic or retro theme.

Graphic Designers and Photographers

Professionals in creative fields can use the AI Yearbook Generator for inspiration or to experiment with different visual styles and aesthetics.

Gift Givers

An AI yearbook photo can be a delightful surprise for friends and family as gifts.

How Does the AI Yearbook Generator Work: A Step by Step Guide

Behind the scene, the AI Yearbook Photos are typically produced by combining Stable Diffusion and face swapping techniques. The Stable Diffusion technique is used to generate yearbook templates of various styles, postures, clothing and etc. Then, the face swapping technique is used to swap your face into a yearbook photo template.

This whole pipeline is quite complicated because it requires testing out many prompts and models for generating satisfying yearbook photo templates. Also, the pipeline requires experimenting with different methods for natural face swapping. However, with the AI Yearbook Generator, you can generate yearbook photos with only a few clicks. No manual tweaking. No coding. No hassle.

Learn about the AI Yearbook Generator User Interface in the section below. AI Yearbook Generator requires only a few steps to generate a yearbook photo. Please follow the instructions below to generate yearbook photos that have the best quality.

AI Yearbook Generator UI - generate page
AI Yearbook Generator UI - history page

Step 1. Upload an image

In the yearbook generation tab, you will be asked to upload a selfie or a photo with your face in the Choose File section. The face within the photo will be used to analyzed by our AI system and generate a yearbook photo that looks like you. Your photo should contain only one face and the face should be clearly visible. Note that the image you picked should not exceed 10MB in size.

Step 2. Select a gender

After you choose and upload a photo, you will select a gender (male or female) in the Gender section. Note that different gender options comes with different yearbook photo styles. Our AI system will try its best to imagine a yearbook style that fits you the most. You are also free to choose whatever gender you might like and it might produce surprising and dramatic result!

Step 3. Submit and wait for the result

You can now press the Submit button to launch the yearbook generation task. Each generation will cost 1 credit. You can check your credit balance in the top-right corner of the page. After you submit the task, you will be redirected to the History page where you can check the status of your generation task. A generation typically takes a few minutes to finish. After that, you can click the Download Generated Photo button.

Ready to dive in?
Make your own AI yearbook photos now.

What is the AI Yearbook Trend?

Insights and Statistics: The AI Yearbook Challenge Phenomenon

The AI Yearbook Trend is a remarkable social media phenomenon that kicked off in October 2023. This trend leverages artificial intelligence to transform contemporary photos into a variety of historical yearbook styles, creating a fusion of modern technology and nostalgia. It allows users to upload their photos and see themselves in different time periods, offering a fun, personalized experience.

The trend experienced a significant surge in popularity, reaching its peak in worldwide search traffic on October 7, 2023, with approximately ~110,000 searches that day, according to Google Trends. The Instagram hashtag #aiyearbook also became a popular spot for sharing these AI-transformed images, with about ~49,000 posts to date.

The trend gained further momentum on TikTok, with the hashtag #aiyearbook amassing 775 million views, and #aiyearbookchallenge reaching an even more impressive 837 million views. These hashtags have become a viral sensation, showcasing the wide range of creative and entertaining transformations users have made.

American actress Keke Palmer significantly contributed to this trend's virality with two AI yearbook posts on Instagram. Her first post, where she appears as a female, received ~769,000 likes and ~5,000 comments, while her second post, featuring her as a male, gained ~546,000 likes and ~10,000 comments. These posts by a high-profile celebrity played a key role in boosting the trend's popularity, encouraging more users to explore and participate in the AI Yearbook phenomenon. However, the role of influencers on platforms like TikTok has been equally significant in broadening its appeal and reach.

A notable example is the Spanish-speaking TikTok tech influencer @soyjimenaconjota, with 1.4 million followers, posted a tutorial video on how to create AI yearbook photos. This video not only gained ~46,000 likes, ~294 comments, and ~15,000 favorites but also played a crucial role in spreading the trend among Spanish-speaking audiences. Similarly, TikTok haircare/skincare influencer @soldafades created an engaging 8-second flashcard-like video with music, capturing ~63,000 likes, ~809 comments, and ~3,000 favorites. These influencers’ contributions have been instrumental in spreading the trend and demonstrating its creative potential.

@soldafades *FAIL* AI Yearbook Challenge📚😡#AgostoDump #aiyearbook #aiyearbooktrend #aifail #yearbookchallenge #fypw #photodump ♬ original sound - Dose of RX | A dose of life ✨️ - RX | A dose of life ✨️

These instances demonstrate how social media influencers can effectively introduce and popularize apps across different regions, cultures, and languages. Their content serves as a bridge, bringing technological trends to diverse audiences and facilitating their adaptation to various cultural contexts.

The global reach of the AI Yearbook Challenge underscores the expansive influence of social media. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are not just spaces for entertainment; they are powerful tools for cultural exchange and marketing. They enable apps to reach a broader audience, breaking down language barriers and cultural differences. Influencers, with their ability to connect with followers in a relatable manner, are key players in this process. They help in localizing content, making it more accessible and appealing to specific communities.

This trend’s success illustrates the potential of social media to not only shape consumer behavior but also to facilitate the global propagation of technology, adapting it to fit into the mosaic of world cultures and languages.

AI Yearbook Generator Use Cases

Here are some possible use cases for the AI Yearbook Generator. It highlights benefits and applications in various contexts for entertainment, social media, marketing, education, and more.

Entertainment & Fun

Play it just for fun. A group of friends could use it during a get-together, laughing as they see each other in various historical styles, enhancing the joy of their gathering.

Social Media Content

A travel blogger could use the generator to post AI-transformed photos of themselves in different eras, adding a unique twist to their travel stories and increasing engagement with followers.

Marketing & Advertising

A vintage clothing store, for example, could showcase their products in AI-generated yearbook photos from relevant eras, effectively attracting customers who love retro styles.


Imagine gifting your grandparents a recreated yearbook photo of their younger selves, providing a heartwarming and nostalgic present that cherishes their past.

Profile Picture

A graphic designer could use an AI yearbook photo from the '80s as their LinkedIn profile picture, showcasing their creative flair to potential employers.


A history teacher, for instance, might use it to engage students in a lesson about fashion trends through the decades, creating a more interactive and relatable learning experience.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is a yearbook photo?

A yearbook photo is a portrait typically taken for inclusion in a school yearbook. It captures the appearance and style of individuals, often students, during a specific year. These photos are cherished as memories of one's school days.

What is the AI Yearbook photo trend?

The AI Yearbook photo trend involves using AI to create or transform photos into the style of traditional yearbook pictures. This trend has gained popularity on social media, allowing users to reimagine their photos with nostalgic or retro effects.

What is an AI Yearbook Generator?

An AI Yearbook Generator is a tool that uses AI-powered image generation technology to transform current photos into yearbook-style images. It can replicate various styles and eras, offering users a fun and creative way to see themselves or others in different yearbook themes.

How does the AI Yearbook Generator work?

The AI Yearbook Generator works by applying machine learning algorithms to your uploaded photos. It analyzes the photo and applies adjustments and filters to recreate it in the style of a yearbook picture, considering factors like era, fashion, and aesthetics.

What is the difference between the AI Yearbook Generator and other AI photo generators?

AI Yearbook Generator is a tool that is designed specifically for generating yearbook-styled photos. It is more convenient and provides better quality than other AI photo generators in making yearbook photos.

Is the AI Yearbook Generator free to use?

Yes, our AI Yearbook Generator offers free credits for all users. Users can upload their photos and generate yearbook-style images without any cost. However, due to the server cost, there is a free quota. You can also purchase additional credits if you exceed the quota.

What happens to my uploaded photos after the generation task is finished?

Your privacy is our top priority. Once the AI Yearbook Generator completes your photo transformation, your uploaded photos are automatically removed from our servers. We ensure that your images are only used for the generation task and are not stored or used for any other purposes.

I have another question that is not listed here. How can I contact you?

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected]

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